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Mercedes Sandown Wiltshire


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When I was considering purchasing, the 2 hour drive to Salisbury was one of numerous long trips to dealers to look at potential secondhand vehicles and colour combinations. At Sandown Salisbury I had a detailed explanation of the differences of models and options as well as prices and availability and did not feel pressurised. I had a good test drive of the MP250 that I had come to see and was shown around the vehicle and the camper van aspects in detail.

After several months of looking around and hovering between MP or Cali I decided it was an MP factory order. (I will post separately my decision process)

Sandown Salisbury matched the Carwow price when I was hunting for the best deal. I probably could have squeezed a few more percent elsewhere but felt they deserved the custom. I would have saved more money and time by taking a vehicle which wasn’t quite the spec I decided on but it’s going and I didn’t want to regret spoiling the ship (or in this case an expensive purchase for a ha’peth of of the proverbial tar.

The updates on factory orders are not as slick as VW who give you an on line link which tells you where (allegedly) your car is in the production process. With Mercedes you are reliant on sporadic communication with the dealer for updates.

After a wait of four months we arrived to picking ito pick up our Marco Polo.250 AMG.
Through reading this forum and the online manual I was by now familiar most of the facilities and options and had a good idea of what I wanted to look out for. However, my wife was not and I let the dealer demonstrate them in the showroom. Everyone was helpful and attentive and the handover lasted well over two hours.

Sean Adams at MB Salisbury is well versed in the Marco Polo and he covered the vehicle and it’s options in detail and competently. If the comments of other sare anything to go by, Mercedes need a few more like him.

During the handover I discovered we had a full tank of fuel. This wasn’t mentioned or used in the negotiations and came as a pleasant surprise - when I purchased a new VW vehicle from a local dealer last year I had to pre pay to put £20 into an otherwise an empty tank!

Having driven home and pawed over everything in more detail, I have identified a few of minor niggles that will necessitate returning to a dealer closer to home. It remains to be seen how these are dealt with by a dealer who did not sell the car. I will post in the appropriate threads.

Steve B

My selling dealer in Hull was fine as well, I did have a warranty issue and my local dealer was also fine, so no issues I'm pleased to say from my perspective. Hope that hasn't jinxed it!