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Got it! Not quite the first night away we had planned.


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The timing for picking up the vehicle was not the best for us.
We keep a few sheep and one of the ewes was lambing just as we left. By the time we arrived in Salisbury a couple of hours later she had produced twins.

Our sheep aren’t pets but we give them names for identification and choose a theme each year; real ales, chocolate bars, wines etc.
Needless to say, names for lambs this year are based on camper vans: twins; Marco and Polo, Mercedes, Californian (Cal) etc.
For reasons I won’t go into Marco (the lamb) is having to be part bottle fed. This means he will be become tame and more friendly. Let’s hope this is a good omen !

The downside is we can’t go away for several weeks because we are tied to lamb feeding. It’s worse than having children, at least we could take them with us.
So, two days later later our new purchase is parked and hooked up on hard standing by the garage but we are stuck at home on the Bank Holiday and celebrating its arrival over a bottle (or two) of wine to compensate.
We didn’t order the lower mattress but we have an Ikea mattress topper that fits and I wonder how comfortable it is. My wife suggests I go and try it out and promises me a bacon sandwich in the morning.

I jump at the suggestion. A win - win.

My wife gets a good night’s sleep without me snoring and I get to listen to the dawn chorus and wildlife.

My early morning is marred only by occasional sounds of aircraft that have taken off from Heathrow or Gatwick a hundred miles to the east. I pity the passengers who have probably travelled several hours and spent a similar time in crowded check in and security.
I feel cool air on my face and the sun warming the van and I drift back to sleep.
The side door opens.
No bacon sandwich, another lamb has arrived and I have to get dressed.

Ah well, not bad at all and we haven’t even gone away. I will get my travelling and wild camping yet!

Wildlife interest. After all it is a deer van.